Foods to Add to Your Diet for Great Skin

Who wants to admit to the old adage of having “egg on your face?” Eating an egg, however, happens to be perfectly good for your face. Very egg-citing, isn’t it? In addition to the emergence of egg puns, new studies bring to light the effects that digestible food has on lighting up your face. Who […]

12 Activities To Get Healthy and Fit This Summer

1.Go to the Park and Act Like a Kid You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy a day at the park’s playground. There’s no shame in heading to the swings or going down a slide to get a healthy dose of fresh air and some activity. A lot of parks also have climbing […]

5 Healthy Eating Habits to Pick Up

Small adjustments that can help you eat better and feel healthier Nail biting, popping gum, and cracking knuckles are just a few of the fairly offensive (or just really annoying) common bad habits. Resolving to kick a bad habit isn’t as simple as hitting the off switch to change your ways. It takes time, effort, […]

5 Exercises To Do at Home Without Gym Equipment

Do you want to start exercising but don’t have the budget for expensive gym membership fees? Then try these exercises that you can do at the comfort of your own home… If you always had the excuse of not being able to exercise at least twice a week because of expensive gym memberships and lack […]

5 Quick and Healthy Dinner Ideas

These 5 recipes are so quick to create, they’ll come to the rescue on the nights that you have more important things to focus on. 1.Artichoke and Tomato Linguine Ingredients 500 g linguine 2 tbsp olive oil 300 g | 2 cups baby plum tomatoes, halved 400 g | 2 cups canned artichoke hearts, drained […]